About Human Impact
HUMAN IMPACT is a soft skills training company whose existence is founded on the belief that attitude can be sculpted for peak performance in all spheres of life.

At HUMAN IMPACT, learning is a way of life. We believe that for learning to be retained longer, it should be as close to real life as possible. While concepts make for good reading, they are of significance only if they can be applied to real life situations. To this effect, the pedagogy that we use is simplistic and more importantly, practical. 

The Takeaway

We focus on what our participants would take away with them at the end of the workshop - not just a tool - but also a new way of feeling or thinking or behaving in any given situation. We endeavour to gently coax them into looking at things in a different perspective that will help improve relationships and thereby the outcomes in their lives.
Our Faith

We repose unshakeable faith in the fellow human and their innate need to grow. We firmly believe that humans are essentially feeling beings. Therefore, our approach to human learning is through the philosophy of Emotional Intelligence.
Our Methodology

The HUMAN IMPACT workshops are beautifully orchestrated. They begin by addressing the basic attitude required for building relevant skills. The process is soft pedalled with roleplays and simulations, self-assessment, inventories, case studies and other training interventions and closes as a grand finale that opens up enriching avenues for the learners.
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