Human Impact | Sunil Gwalani
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Sunil Gwalani

Sunil Gwalani

Sunil Gwalani is a behavioural facilitator, and a motivational speaker, with 32 years of experience. Sunil is an accredited MBTI (a leading psychometric tool) trainer from CPP, Australia and Insights Discovery, from Insights Corporation, Scotland. He has also trained under Dr. Jean Kumerrow, a leading MBTI practitioner in the world on Advanced Applications of MBTI. He is an Associate member of The Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Science (ISABS). He is also certified in Leadership GRID training.


In the last 17 years as a corporate trainer, Sunil has conducted close to 2400 workshops and trained more than 45000 people across industries and regions. He is also a guest speaker at various educational institutes and clubs. Sunil conducts workshops on Communication, Presentation, Business Writing, Assertiveness, Conflict Management, Leadership, Team-working, Relationship, Self-empowerment, Creativity and innovation, Business Etiquette, Customer Service, Personal Effectiveness and Managerial Development.


A Power speaker, Sunil has the ability to infuse energy and enthusiasm in his listeners and to energise his workshops with anecdotes and examples. Sunil has been an entrepreneur and has dabbled in various fields like communication and marketing consultancy, technical writing, and corporate communication. He is an avid reader. His hobbies include sports, music, and photography. He enjoys travelling. He is also very interested in quizzing and has participated in quizzes during his academic and corporate life. In his spare time, he is a quizmaster at schools and clubs.


Sunil is a long-distance runner and cyclist and has successfully run 58 marathons across India and other countries. Under his soles are successful Ultra marathons (50 km and above) in Bangalore and Ladakh. Recently, as a crew member at La Ultra in Ladakh, one of the world’s toughest and cruelest ultra marathons, he ran 75 kilometers.

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