Business Communication Skills

Effective communications skills – the lifeline of any relationship – is not only a basic need but also the stepping stone to career success. The ability to articulate and convey understanding effectively in diverse business settings is critical. The workshop hand-holds participants through the entire process of identifying and overcoming barriers, building confidence, adapting to different communication preferences and needs. It leads the participants through face-to-face communication situations, telephonic contexts including conference calls, and e-mail interactions.

Business Writing Skills

Writing is not everyone’s forte. However, one cannot avoid it in business. The workshop succinctly imparts techniques for structuring and wording various types of business writing, be they e-mails, proposals, reports or other forms of creative writing.

The Assertive Communication Techniques (ACT)

Assertiveness is not just a skill, but a different way of life. This workshop takes the participants through various nuances of assertiveness, from identifying the blocks to assertiveness, thinking assertively, applying assertiveness, to assertive communication across situations.

Hi-Impact Presentation Skills

Today, the person who speaks impressively paves the way faster to the top rung of the ladder. The workshop tackles the stumbling blocks such as stage fright and other fears normally associated with speaking in front of an audience. It then delves into the elements of style that go to make any presentation impressive and memorable.

Advanced Communication Skills

In this workshop, participants learn to develop different communicating strategies to build rapport with different types of people. They learn to use power and influence for persuasive communication. They are equipped to use conflict resolution strategies. They also learn NLP techniques to influence and sway another person’s point of view.

The Power Presenter – Advanced Presentation Skills

This workshop is targeted at senior managers and seasoned presenters. It goes beyond the basics of structuring your presentations, being confident, managing one’s voice and body language to building a story around the presentation and adapt to differing needs of the audience.