Leadership Development Programme (LDP)

This workshop enables leaders to understand the qualities that make a leader effective. It drives participants to understand the difference between leading and managing. It helps them identify the different leadership styles and their impact, especially in motivating employees to get behind the organisation’s vision, mission and objectives. The workshop equips leaders to improve employee engagement and customer satisfaction levels.

Powerful Leadership through Emotional Intelligence (TEIQue)

Emotional Intelligence (EI) has become a vital part of how today’s leaders meet the significant challenges they face. EI can help leaders in today’s increasingly difficult leadership role, one that fewer and fewer people seem capable of fulfilling. The workshop enables participants to move towards transformational leadership – where they are able to bring about significant changes in the culture of the organisation.

Leading and Coaching Teams (through MBTI)

The workshop helps participants understand themselves better through MBTI and gives them an insight into their personality traits and leadership styles. It introduces participants to the principles and practices of performance coaching. They are acquainted with valuable new skills, tools and behaviours that are the basis for creating success in the organisation. The workshop is designed to give an experiential focus on coaching practices and the skill of giving feedback.

Building Vision and Values

One of the most challenging tasks an organisation faces is creating its vision,mission and values. Leaders tend to wrestle with what it is and what it should be. This workshop provides the leadership team with a framework and strategies to create vision, mission and values.

Building Tomorrow’s Leaders Today (YLP)

Leadership is not an overnight phenomenon. No one develops leadership skills by waving a magic wand. The seeds of good leadership come from a combination of personal skills, talent and character. You shape and nurture your leadership style by strengthening your talents, working to eliminate problem behaviours, and learning to develop new, more productive ones.
Targeted at Young Leaders, this workshop, with its underlying theme of Emotional Intelligence, enable one to introspect, identify and use their unique talents and strengths and to become an effective leader both on the job and in their personal life.