The First Time Manager

This workshop is aimed at first-time managers, who have moved from an individual-contributor role into a people-handling role. The workshop prepares them for the new role and helps them perform better and deal effectively with their teams.

Managerial Effectiveness

This workshop is an intensive, introspective and perspective-building workshop. It encompasses leadership skills, self-management skills with respect to time and task, effective team building skills, purposeful communication skills, and mentoring skills.

The Magic of Delegation

This workshop helps managers to become better delegators and manage their time and resources more effectively. The workshop helps participants overcome barriers to delegation, understand the types of delegation, and most importantly learn the systematic process of delegation.

The Art of Mentoring

The workshop focuses on the role and importance of a mentor and helps the participants hone the skills that will make them an effective mentor. It provides the framework that participants can easily use to mentor effectively. The workshop sensitises them to the roles and responsibilities of a mentor and impart tips and techniques for becoming effective mentors.

The People Factor (Transactional Analysis – TA)

The ability to take people along is critical to one’s success, at work and in personal life. This workshop, through Dr Eric Berne’s legendary theory of Transactional Analysis (TA), explains human behavior. The workshop aims at helping participants with self-analysis and in analyzing others’ behaviours. It equips participants to flex their behaviours to get along with others effectively.