Personal Effectiveness

This workshop enables participants to define the parameters of personal effectiveness, understand themselves better, set goals, manage time, and communicate effectively for maximum results.

Building a Power Persona

The workshop helps participants to feel more motivated and empowered and helps them handle themselves better. The workshop focuses on differentiating between controllable and non-controllable events, techniques for empowering themselves through positive visualisation and affirmation, and the steps to raising their self-esteem.

DISCOVERY – From Awareness to Action (MBTI)

The workshop is based on the ‘Psychological type’ theory of Carl Jung and uses the MBTI tool to understand the self and others better. The workshop also focuses on adapting one’s behavioural patterns to suit others and to be more effective in interpersonal relationship.

Executive Presence

The workshop equips participants with the tools for continued personal advancement. It encourages participants to fine-tune their interpersonal and influencing skills through self-awareness that leads to Personal Brand Development.

Creativity and innovation

This workshop helps participants take a fresh look at their capacity for creativity. It enables them to examine the process of being creative. It also aims at bringing out the creative aspect of individuals for innovative and better decision-making. An experiential session of discovery, the workshop encourages the use of lateral thinking, six thinking hats, and brainstorming tools.

Corporate Finesse and Cultural Sensitivity

An impeccable personality is readily noticed in business. The focus of this workshop is to introduce participants to globally accepted norms of business styles and practices. The workshop encompasses communication etiquette, etiquette at meetings, social and dining etiquette. The workshop also sensitizes participants to cultural nuances and the fine art of consideration for others.

Effective Time Management

This workshop enables participants to utilise time more effectively and help them achieve time-based goals. The focus of the workshop is on the two pillars of self-management: Planning and Prioritisation. The essence of the workshop is to help prioritise life goals and become effective within the 24-hour slot.

Conflict Management

Conflicts are inevitable. In fact, they are healthy if they are managed and resolved effectively. This workshop focuses on learning the skills and techniques for managing conflict effectively, and achieving positive outcomes, rather than avoiding all conflict. The workshop uses the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI).

The Shift – Managing Change

The workshop is focused on increasing the understanding of all aspects of organisational change and the effective ways to manage change, increase the buy-in to change and minimise resistance to change. It provides insights into the different theories related to organisational change as well as practical tools and templates used to manage change.

NLP for Peak Performance

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a revolutionary approach to human development that believes that by changing how we think, we can transform what we think.
This workshop is a mind-exercise driven session enabling participants to learn the characteristics of top achievers and create a blueprint for unlimited success. It provides the essential skills one needs to achieve peak performance in personal and professional life.

Win-Win Negotiation

The workshop imparts techniques to participants to enable them to negotiate better with internal and external customers for best results. It helps them arrive at a win-win situation by focusing on mutual long-term benefits.

The Service Excellence

The focus of this workshop is to sharpen communication skills oriented towards the customer. The workshop helps participants identify different types of customers, deal with hostile customers, keep customers happy by delivering beyond expectations. Telephonic communication with the customer and types of correspondence are also covered.

Success through Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is the new yardstick for measuring success at the workplace. The workshop unfolds the emotional competence framework and delves into competencies that are essential for personal and professional growth.

Train the Trainer

The workshop grooms participants to become effective trainers. It takes them through the entire process beginning with the understanding of training needs to designing and delivering training workshops. It gives them a perspective on adult learning and the tools that can be used to impart effective training.

On the Threshold

The workshop aims at helping participants understand the corporate cult and giving them an insight into corporate expectations, and accepted and appreciated behavioural patterns. The workshop paves the way for making their entry into the corporate world smooth and helps them in making smooth the transition from campus to corporate.