The Sales Champ

This workshop enables participants to assess, implement and follow up the sales process in a superior and efficient manner. It also helps participants manage difficult buyer behaviour and situations involving real obstacles, anger and pricing. The workshop drives participants to become champion sales people.

Key Account Management

The workshop is designed to help account managers maximise the value of their accounts and to build and nurture client relationships that lead to customer loyalty, repeat business, and customer referrals. The workshop helps participants hone their skills for improved customer relationship and communication.

Consultative Selling

This workshop helps participants shift focus from being a vendor to a consultative seller. It gives them tips and techniques to become Trusted Advisors to clients and to achieve desired results for self and the organisation.

Win-Win Negotiation

The workshop imparts techniques to participants to enable them to negotiate better with internal and external customers for best results. It helps them arrive at a win-win situation by focusing on mutual long-term benefits.

Towards Customer Delight

The workshop will help the participants handle customers, both internal and external. It will also empower them to take pride in their jobs and empower them to provide innovative and excellent customer service for utmost customer delight.