Effective Team-working

This workshop enables participants to understand the importance of teams and exposes them to the factors contributing to effective teamwork. It emphasises on understanding and appreciating others, giving and receiving feedback and respecting one another to build cohesive teams. The pedagogy used is both indoor and outdoor games and exercises.

Effective Interpersonal skills

We deal with people in our everyday professional and personal lives. This workshop enables one to identify one’s own and others’ windows upon the world. It enables participants to understand and appreciate differences and adapt oneself to build bridges with all types of people.

Collaborate to Win

The workshop helps participants understand the importance of collaboration and co-ordination in order to achieve organisational objectives. It fosters the attitude to understand and appreciate each other better, to bring in synergy at the workplace. The workshop helps identify and overcome the symptoms of dysfunctional teams.

Developing Lasting Relationships

The workshop focuses on helping participants develop lasting relationships at the workplace. The coverage includes techniques for building good interpersonal relationships, building rapport, managing conflicts and influencing others. It also helps them develop a positive feeling towards themselves and others, and their work.

Influencing without Authority

The workshop aims at helping participants influence and persuade people, while maintaining cordial relations. The workshop focuses on various aspects of influencing, like empowering the self, building rapport, understanding people drivers, managing expectations, managing conflict, and asserting themselves.

Handling Critical Conversations

The workshop helps participants manage challenging and difficult conversations with various stakeholders within the organisation. It focuses on helping them prepare better, manage their emotions, show respect for others’ feelings to arrive at a collaborative solution.

SYNERGY – A Team Building workshop through MBTI

The workshop makes participants aware of their own and their team members’ personality Type through the MBTI personality indicator. The workshop emphasises on knowing, understanding and appreciating others, and respecting them in order to bring in harmony in teams.

Working in a Global Team

The workshop helps participants understand and overcome the challenges of working in a global team. It sensitises them to differing work-styles and cultural contexts, and gives them tips and techniques for effective management of these differences.

Team-Building Off-sites

Human Impact partners with organisations to design and conduct off-sites for team effectiveness and business plans. The pedagogy is experiential learning through games, exercises and group work, targeted at building an attitude for effective team playing in real-time situations.